Our Process

Client Evaluation

This critical first step involves an in depth discussion with the client in order to determine the required skills and experience of the successful candidate. Also, important during this step is to gain a thorough understanding of your company’s culture and the selling points of the company. Armed with an understanding of these things, OneSource Consulting will be able to better match your company’s selling points to a prospective candidate’s motivations. This increases your chances of hiring the candidate that you select. After this initial meeting, the OneSource Consulting project team will meet to carefully assess your needs and our ability to meet your expectations.


We focus on quality first. The extra time we spend during Client Evaluation arms us with the data we need to look for the best candidates for your positions. By spending more time sourcing candidates for your positions allows us to present a large number of prequalified candidates for your consideration.

OneSource Consulting sources, identifies and recruits top talent through the following:

  • Our extensive database is one tool that we leverage to build a list of qualified candidates that are later contacted.
  • Our affiliation with major industry organizations helps us discover new contact names for first time conversations.
  • We qualify candidates based on talent, ability and chemistry with the client in order to ensure long-term compatibility. OneSource Consulting works closely with the candidate and client making sure that there is a match on many different levels including compensation, expectations and motivation. OneSource Consulting  only submits highly qualified candidates.
Reference Checking

We screen all candidates before you ever see them. There is no point in spending time looking at candidates that do not match the requirements that were agreed upon during the Client Evaluation phase. We look for technical and cultural matches so that each candidate you review is a viable option. We do not waste your time pushing resumes through. This extra step ensures that the resulting hire is right for your organization.

  • OurSource Consulting will conduct a highly detailed reference check by speaking with the candidate’s past superiors, subordinates or peers.
  • OurSource Consulting uses a non biased, detailed process to assure that candidates are matches before they are interviewed so that resulting hires are the finest available.
Candidate Submittals

Before you review candidates, OurSource Consulting thoroughly qualifies each one person. This is more than a resume review; it is an interview to ensure that they are a correct fit for not only a technical fit, but also a cultural fit. We acquire all the information we need to ensure that the candidate is qualified, motivated to make a change, and hirable. Once this stage is complete, the top candidates are presented to you.

  • Pre-qualification candidates to ensure that they match skills required and that they match your organizations unique culture.
  • Organize candidates into groupings of matches and non-matches with reasons for these designations.
Coordinate Interviews

We know that time is important to you. That is why we handle many of the details. We would prefer that you and you staff focus on evaluating candidates. We work with you to establish dates for interviews and coordinate every step of the process.

  • OneSource Consulting will schedule and participate if desired in the initial interview process.
  • OneSource Consulting will prepare the candidate for the interview.
Debrief Client / Candidate

After interviews are complete we talk with both client and the candidates to obtain feedback and initial reactions. This is important so that we could share information with and keep the process moving forward in a positive direction. If you choose to reject the candidate after the interview we will let them know in a professional manner helping to protect your organization’s employment image.

OneSource Consulting will help the client formulate the right offer and will manage the expectations of both the candidate and client throughout the entire process.

Offer Stage / Negotiations

By spending time with candidates we gain an in-depth understanding of their motivations and ultimately what they are looking to gain from a new employment opportunity, we are able to guide you throughout the offer stage. This information helps our clients enjoy more candidate acceptances. By this point we will have a complete knowledge of what the candidate needs so that your offer can be constructed in a way that works for the company and the candidate.

  • OneSource Consulting works with you to determine your offer while using information gathered from the candidate to help develop an offer that has the best chance of being accepted.
  • Present offer and gather any feedback that the candidate provides.
Follow Up

Our job does not end when the candidate accepts the offer or even starts work. We follow up with the client and candidate throughout the guarantee period to make sure everything is going well on both sides. In the end we want to make sure you are 100% satisfied in the candidate and our service. Our number one priority is to gain your trust and to ensure that our services resulted in the right placement.

Finally, OneSource Consulting will lead the candidate through the resignation process and thoroughly discuss a counteroffer situation.

OneSource Consulting  will also stay in contact with the candidate and client during the guarantee period ensuring satisfaction with the placement.