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Application Architect


Application Architect


English, French


The tasks are related to the conception, development and maintenance of the CAP Information Systems.

It is expected that the Contractor’s service provider will manage the implementation of reliable and adaptive Information Systems.

The Contractor’s service provider will execute the contract under the official Project

Management Methodology of the European Commission (“PM²”) and the Agile@EC software development methodology that DG AGRI uses in order to monitor the deliverables.

The Contractor will make provision in order that the service provider does not consider the implementation of that monitoring as direct orders given by the European Commission.

The execution of the tasks shall begin at the earliest on the date when a Specific Contract is signed by the contracting party and shall end at the latest on 30/09/year of signature +1.



The Contractor’s candidates must have the minimal knowledge and skills that a person with this profile is expected to possess, as defined in the Annex I of the Call for Tender’s Service Requirements.

The Location of services delivery will be Brussels. Therefore, in accordance with the service requirements of the framework contract, the Contractor’s candidates must possess a language

knowledge in English and optionally in French.


The aforementioned level is the highest level for which a Contractor’s candidate can be accepted.

For being accepted at a level lower or equal to the maximum aforementioned level,

the candidate must have the minimal educational qualifications and professional experience

that a person with normal expertise (i.e. independently of the technological, language-related or other requirements), is required to possess for that level, as defined in the framework contract.


In reference to the specific security rules for services provided on the premises of the contracting authority in Belgium, which are listed in the Framework Contract, the Contractor’s service provider must receive a positive security advice. Moreover, in regard to the sensitive data the Contractor’s service provider will deal with, the Contractor’s service provider must receive a positive security advice that does not include recommendations to DG AGRI to implement specific security measures.

As an Application Architect, a Contractor’s candidate will review and re-design the View, Data Binding and Routing components of existing systems. To this purpose:

1. He/she must have an experience of at least 5 years in the architecture, design and development of Java applications;

2. He/she will design and develop application components at the View/Presentation layers.

To this end, a Contractor’s candidate must have an experience of at least:

Ø 3 years with each of the following technologies: HTML, CSS, Javascript

Ø 1 year with Angular (any version)

3. He/she will integrate those components with the Model layer for which, after data analysis and modelling, he/she will design and develop backend modules.

To this end, a Contractor’s candidate must have an experience of at least 3 years with each of the following technologies:

Ø Spring



Experience in Vaadin open-source platform is considered as an additional asset.

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