How to find IT/Tech jobs in Belgium?

All over the world, the IT/tech sector is booming, as traditional jobs are making way for tech-driven jobs, spearheaded by AI, data science and other modern technologies. As a result, a growing number of students are taking up specializations in these fields and even professionals from related fields are acquiring new skills and certifications to join the bandwagon and earn a much better pay packet than what they are earning presently.

Irrespective of whether you have just got your degree, or are a professional looking for a job change (or a career change), it can surely be frustrating not to find your coveted job. If you have been searching for IT/tech jobs in Belgium for quite some time now, albeit without much success, perhaps you need to rethink your job search strategy and make some changes. There are many IT/tech jobs in Belgium to suit your qualification and work experience (in case you have any). However, you will have to know where to find these and how to search for them the right way. So, if you are ready to dive in and find your coveted job without much of a trouble, here are some avenues that you should explore:

  • Job sites: These are the most common modes to search for and find IT/tech jobs in Belgium. You can use job sites such as Indeed, TotalJobs, JobsinBrussels, etc. to find jobs in specific sectors (such as web design, web development, DevOps, systems network, Big Data, cybersecurity, etc.) based on various criteria. Most job sites let you find and shortlist jobs based on the domain (software, infrastructure, security, database, etc.), your work experience (if any), your preferred location, salary, job type (contractual, temporary, permanent, or part-time), and the nature of recruiters (direct employers, agencies, etc). You may even use the job boards of certain sites like Glassdoor to find your dream IT/tech job in Belgium.
  • Professional networking sites: You can tap into your professional network on LinkedIn to find jobs in your preferred IT/tech domain. If you already know someone working in a company where you too want to work, you can ask that person to introduce you to the HR manager (or the person in charge of making such recruitments). You may even request him/her to let you know about vacancies that arise since such vacancies are often not advertised and are filled up instead from the database of candidates the company already has or via some references of existing employees. Being able to know of vacancies quickly would let you shoot your application and draw upon your reference (of the company’s existing employee) to position yourself favorably among prospective candidates for that post.
  • References from people you know: Be it family, friends, ex-colleagues, or neighbors, you can ask the people you know for vacancies in your chosen IT/tech domain in case these people are either employed in the same sector or work in a company that you too are eyeing to get into. Many companies encourage their existing employees to refer a candidate for a vacant post as it saves them the hassle of starting the recruitment process from a scratch. You should try to leverage such opportunities, as and when they crop up. This way, you would already be a few steps ahead of other job seekers, which in turn would improve your chances of bagging that dream job that you have been eyeing for quite some time now.
  • IT/tech job recruitment services: If you find searching for IT/tech jobs in Belgium on your own a tough task, you can take the help of recruitment service providers and agencies, who will do the legwork on your behalf to bring you the most suitable opportunities that match your requirements, qualification and experience (in case you have any), thus giving you the highest chances of succeeding. However, the recruitment agency you choose should be reliable and have a track record of successfully helping IT/tech professionals bag their coveted jobs, especially in the domain that you have your eyes set upon. You should be careful to steer clear of fly-by-night service providers that don’t have any reliability but promise you the moon, which they obviously fail to deliver. Instead, you should put your trust in recruitment service providers that have a certain level of reputation in the industry, showcase a professional approach, have an enviable success rate, and have a customer-friendly approach.

Final words

Planning your job search well coupled with a bit of patience is the key to landing your dream job in the IT/tech domain. Additionally, you should try to acquire the necessary skills required for your coveted job to give yourself an edge in today’s highly competitive job market. If you are worried about doing it all on your own, hire professionals like OneSource Consulting, we are experts in providing superior recruitment services for qualified, professional and skilled people across a wide range of specialized industries and professions in Belgium.

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