5 Best Paid Jobs In Brussels For International Experts And Expats

With a number of EU institutions, lots of other prominent international and multinational organizations based in Brussels, the city has been experiencing a huge popularity among expats and international experts as an ideal place for work and live. In this post, we’ve outlined top five best paid jobs in the city for you to consider.

Before delving deeper, let’s take a closer look at the key benefits of employment in Brussels.

Why you should consider Brussels


Though Brussels is located at the heart of Europe, the region ranks pretty high when it comes to affordable cost of living. It may seem that cost of living is above average in Brussels, but when you compare it with that of other major European cities, it seems to be affordable.

Lots of resources

Unlike the common belief that says starting from scratch in a new region is difficult to a good extent, Brussels offers a lot of resources for international experts to find the best-suited job. From invaluable job site to renowned recruitment agencies – Brussels opens up a new world of almost every kind of opportunities. In addition, if you’re not able to speak Dutch or French yet interested in getting a job in the teaching field in Brussels, there’s a number of international schools that you can consider applying.

Most popular (and best paid) jobs in Brussels

Many international as well as local businesses are well geared toward to international experts and expats. It’s important to note that if you’re trying to work for a Belgian employer, you’ll probably need to speak Dutch, French or both. The job market in Brussels is competitive and boasts of attractive job opportunities for expats. Here’re five highest paid jobs in the region.


The most senior and highest paid role in any company in Brussels is the position of MD or CEO. You’ll be responsible for the company’s performance and implementing its policies focused toward growth and profits. Your responsibilities will also include coaching, mentoring and leading other board members to identify operational performance measures. Apart from academic qualifications, which may vary from one company to another, you should typically have strong financial acumen, visionary leadership, planning and forecasting, effective decision making abilities, among others.

ICT Service Manager

You’ll be playing an integral role in overseeing the operations of your company’s service desk by ensuring optimum service levels through developing robust and motivated teams. You’ll also be responsible for managing the customer service relationships with external and internal stakeholders, and ensuring the service teams meet their reporting and delivery obligations. To get recruited for this position, typical required skillsets include practical experience in the execution and delivery of ICT services, demonstrated ability to manage ICT teams and projects, skills in delivery of service design and service strategy activities etc.

Administration Manager

Your responsibilities will include planning as well as coordinating different administrative procedures and systems, and developing methods to streamline processes; evaluating staff performance and provide guidance and coaching to ensure optimal efficiency, among others. To get selected for this position, you should have problem-solving skills with an analytical mind, familiarity with facilities management and financial principles, demonstrated experience as administration manager.

Professional service Manager

As a holder of this frontline management role, your primary responsibilities will encompass three areas – personnel management, service delivery and revenue generation. To be precise, you’ll be responsible for successful delivery of projects/services and coordination of information and activities between key stakeholders. Major skills required for this position include analytical/critical thinking, problem-solving skills, strong technical knowledge and digital proficiency, among others.

Business Development Manager

As the driving force behind developing new contacts and sales leads, you’ll be mainly working on identifying sales leads, developing and fostering relationships with customers and other business partners. Your role may also involve improving profitability through strategic planning and positioning for the products/services. You’ll need to have good IT skills, tenacity and drive to meet and/or exceed targets, project management skills, ability to think strategically etc. Previous work experience plays a crucial role in getting recruited for this position.

Apart from these highest paying jobs, there’re two sectors that usually offer prospects to a good extent.

Teaching sector

Brussels is a popular destination among qualified teachers who’re capable of teaching English as a foreign language. If you hold a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) qualification, you can apply in international schools, private language schools and international businesses.

Finance sector

Despite some financial agencies experienced hardship during last couple of years, finance sector jobs in Brussels have experienced a particular boom. There remains a high demand for compliance officers, risk managers and auditors, who can expect to receive healthier pay packets. In addition, as the finance sector is a leader in digitization efforts (bringing in-house procedures and services to digital platforms), positions for different kinds of specialist have risen as well.

Final thoughts

Opting for one of the best-paid jobs in Brussels is surely an effective way to ensure optimum working practices with the ability to attain maximum salary retention. So, if you’re an international expert or expat with proven track record in any of the above mentioned fields, go ahead, search online, contact recruitment agencies, and get a job in Brussels.

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