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Projects Outsourcing

Projects Outsourcing

OneSource Consulting solutions specialize in the process of full scaled outsourced projects.

OneSource Consulting solutions specialize in the process of full scaled outsourced projects. We help our customers within the IT market to maximize return and productivity through outsourcing their non-core functions. Our outsourced programs are focused on deliverables and timelines to manage our customers’ expectations.

Moving your in-house service to a specialist recruitment partner will give your business the benefit of economical scale, a range of expertise, resources and flexible delivery options. At OneSource Consulting we deliver complex solutions to our clients. We support all of our clients by taking responsibility to dealing with mission critical technical maintenance.

Cost reduction – A reduction in price is made possible through re-engineering, development processes and the use of technologies. Staff salary expenses are reduced as there is no hiring strategy required internally.

Increase in profits – OneSource Consulting allows your staff to concentrate on new product development, sales and business strategy meaning business earnings increase.

Customer request fulfilment – By reducing workloads within the business there is more time to meet customer requirements. At OneSource we offer a scalable and flexible service which allows you to meet the demands and expectations of your customer.

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We know that time is important to you. That is why we handle many of the details.

Debrief Client
/ Candidate

After interviews are complete we talk with both client and the candidates to obtain feedback and initial reactions.

Offer Stage
/ Negotiations

We are able to guide you through the offer stage. This information helps our clients enjoy more candidate acceptances.

follow up
Follow Up

We follow up with the client and candidate throughout the guarantee period to make sure everything is going well on both sides.